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University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Nursing Program

How to Apply and Study for a University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Nursing Program

Although a public institute of research, it is relatively smaller in the number of students it admits as compared to other public universities. With over 10 schools and colleges offering wide variety of programs, the university has gained the much needed experience in offering both graduate and undergraduate programs to the satisfaction of the students. Our main concern in this case is however college of nursing. The university offers both graduate and undergraduate programs under the nursing college and the choice of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee nursing program one wants to study depends on his qualifications. The undergraduate programs include the BSN traditional, RN-BSN and RN-MSN. The graduate programs include the MSN, Doctor of Nursing Practice and PhD. The university also offers certificates programs under the nursing college as well as other professional programs.

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Application Requirements

It is perfectly clear to anyone who has passed through high school that different programs have different qualifications based on the level of degree that programs falls under. The first qualification that the students seeking to apply for undergraduate programs will be required to possess will be to have a GPA score of at least 2.75. The graduate programs applicants will be required to have completed an undergraduate program that is related to the particular graduate program that he seeks to study. Other requirements that the applicants will be required to meet include passing tests such as GRE that the applicants might be asked to take. The university admits close to over 27,000 students each academic year which is not as high as the major universities and that is most probably why the acceptance rate is over 86%. Although this is the case you still need to be careful so that you can have your name included in the 86% that will be awarded admission letters for any University of Wisconsin Milwaukee nursing program they will have applied for.

The Necessary Documents for University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Admissions

Although you might have met all the stipulated requirements you will still need to prove those claims and the only way of proving that is to submit verified documents that ascertain those claims. With this argument, the first documents you attach to your admission application should be the transcripts that prove that you scored the scores you claim on your application form. Other documents that will need to be attached are recommendation letters, admission essays and resumes. You will still be required to write a nursing personal statement and we give you some of the tips you can use to generate a convincing statement.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Personal Statement

university of wisconsin milwaukee application

Image credit: uwm.edu

Because of the great importance this piece of writing has to one’s career, it is important that you do it to perfection. You can begin the process by first getting to have the format with you. When having the format, you will be in a position to know how to plan the points you choose to address in your statement. The next step is to make sure you have all the necessary points and you can get the relevant points by using the list of the requirements that each applicant must meet. The next step is to always keep your statement as brief as possible. No one wants to read through a log statement of purpose and although it should be brief, you should make sure you capture all the necessary points. The final step is to always proofread through your statement to make sure you have not made any grammatical errors or any other form of errors.

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You should be advised to always consul with the institution whenever you have any doubts about the subsequent equivalent qualifications for the statement requirements, but all the same understanding how to write a personal statement should be your priority if at you are to succeed in your University of Wisconsin Milwaukee nursing program application process.