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University of Wisconsin Madison Nursing Program

About the University of Wisconsin Madison nursing program

With over 2,000 courses offered in this university, it is very appropriate to state that the university has established itself as a respectable university which one can choose for their respective undergraduate and graduate programs. With all those courses available in the university you can be sure that the university cannot lack the nursing programs and today that is our only concern. The nursing programs are offered in the best way possible especially since the university has invested in providing its students access to the necessary resources for their nursing career development. Some of the nursing program you are bound to find in this university include undergraduate programs in BSN, BSN RN to BS and a school nurse certificate. The programs under the graduate programs include post graduate psychiatry, doctor in nursing practice and PhD in nursing. So it will be up to the applicant to choose any of the University of Wisconsin Madison nursing programs.

The general requirements for any university of Wisconsin Madison application

Each level of degree programs has its own set of requirements that the applicant must meet. Those seeking to pursue their first degree programs and fresh from high school will be required to show proof of having attained a minimum GPA of 2.75 while those seeking admission to graduate degrees will be required to have attained subsequent bachelor honors in the respective undergraduate programs they might have taken. Another requirement is to meet the specific required grades of the units that are mandatory to the program you seek to apply for. Each University of Wisconsin Madison nursing program will have these requirements and the only way to be certain that you meet all of them is to make sure you have a checklist of all the requirements so that you do not miss on any of them. With an acceptance rate of 51%, you can very comfortably say that you will stand a chance of being given an admission letter provided you meet all the requirements.

The documents you need for any university of Wisconsin Madison admissions

The first document which you will have to submit before the admission application formally begins is certainly the application form. This is just a form with blank spaces left with explanations on what you need to fill in there and no one should experience any difficulties in filling these forms. After you have filled that form, you will now need to ensure that you provide certificate to verify the claims you may have made in your application form say that you have undertaken a bachelor’s degree. Another important document which you will be required to submit is a recommendation letter which will be used as a means of verifying that you are who you claim you are as well as confirm any of the abilities and skills you might have mentioned in the application form.

Learning how to write a personal statement

university of wisconsin madison application

Image credit: http://provost.wisc.edu/

You will also be required to write a nursing personal statement and you will need to equip yourself with all the writing skills required for such an important piece of writing. The University of Wisconsin Madison admission requirements are not the only factors that determine whether or not you get admitted but also the personal statement contributes to some extent. So to be in a position of writing a comprehensive personal statement, you will need to have an idea of how the format looks like and the format can be obtained through research and use of some of the templates you can get over the internet. You should then use the format to guide you on which points you need to address in your statement as well as in what order. Since this is a very important piece of writing, you might find it very useful to always proofread it through or even ask a professional proofreader to highlight any mistakes he might spot and correct them before submitting the application.

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So the next time you think of applying for a University of Wisconsin Madison nursing program, make sure you fully understand how to write a personal statement if you are to stand a chance of being successful.