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University of Washington Nursing Program

Information About the University of Washington Nursing Program

Commonly referred to as Washington or UDub, the university is a public university of research located in Seattle, Washington in the United States. It is one of the oldest schools on the west coast as it was founded in 1861. The university is currently the host of Research channel TV program in the states that is dedicated to research analysis from other academic institutions as well as research organizations. The University of Washington nursing program offers applicants the opportunity to choose from its list of programs the one they seek to pursue. They could choose BSN, RN-BSN, Accelerated BSN, MSN, DNP and PhD in nursing.

The General University of Washington Application Requirements

The university offers graduate programs that are full time and part-time which provide effective coursework plus research opportunities in renowned facilities. The qualifications are a high school diploma with the units required being four in English, mathematics, foreign language and science plus two in social studies and History. The required exams are SAT or ACT. The students are selected in order of secondary school records, academic GPA, recommendations character and personal qualities.

A Look at the University of Washington Admission Requirements

The documents required by the University of Washington application process include: Application and Supplement form, application fee or fee waiver, a duly signed early decision Agreement secondary school report, Two teacher evaluations, SAT reasoning test or ACT with writing test, Mid-year report, TOEFL or IELTS results, international certification of finances form and bank statements, CSS Profile, FAFSA, the family’s federal tax returns. Interviews are also paramount when admitting these students together with essays from the students telling more about themselves and their back ground also is key. The meeting of the above requirements should make it easier for you to be admitted to the University of Washington nursing program.

Making Sure That You Have the University of Washington Admission Requirements

university of washington application requirements

Image credit: natcom.org

During the making of a high-quality nursing personal statement, it is advisable for one to give themselves plenty of time and make their statement the right length with the right address. One should be sure their statement is clearly written and some common mistakes should be avoided that is jumping from one tangent to the next, lack of structure and if you say you are hardworking you should give a specific example. The statement ought to be proof read to ensure that there is minimal or no occurrence of any grammatical errors whatsoever. Also, one is advised to avoid any form of exaggeration for example not overstate your role in a research project. Do not repeat any information and ensure that there are no lies.

In addition, the statement should be reviewed by several people including an advisor. One should avoid extraneous or unnecessary words. If you decide to include any information from your past you should be sure to tie it in with the chosen specialty. Creativity is encouraged as a highly unusual statement may be mixed negatively. Members of selection committees tend to be conservative. You need to be perceived as perceived as self-confident but not arrogant. One should avoid topics that are taboo especially when choosing the reasons that are financial or lifestyle, avoid discussions on religion, politics, or romantic relationships and opinions on sex or morality issues like abortion. Strictly avoid the use of inflammatory or any abusive statements to avoid any consequence.

To weigh all the options and opportunities, look at University of Pennsylvania application requirements now!

If you have not yet understood how to write a personal statement, you may opt to consult a professional writer who will make sure that your University of Washington nursing program application is perfect by writing you a quality personal statement or even provide you with some samples which you can follow.

Here you are University of Washington application requirements. For more help contact our team of experts.