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University of Tennessee Nursing Program

Understanding the application process for a University of Tennessee nursing program

It is impossible for a university to offer programs for only one discipline and although the university is not that popular and huge it still manages to offer its students with quality education I the programs it offers. It offers very credible programs in the nursing college which anyone seeking a University of Tennessee nursing program could pick and pursue their nursing career. Some of the programs one can choose in their quest of being professional nurses include BSN, Accelerated BSN, RN-BSN, MSN, Doctor in Nursing Practice, PhD in nursing as well as nursing honors programs for those seeking professional programs.

The general university of Tennessee admission requirements

The undergraduate programs will definitely have different requirements as compared to the graduate programs. The firs requirement of any program and not just the nursing programs is to meet the minimum academic qualifications. In the case of the undergraduate programs, the minimum academic qualification is the applicant to have successfully completed high school obtaining a GPA score of 2.75. The graduate programs minimum academic qualification on the other hand is to have completed an undergraduate program and must have attained an honors certificate. Other requirements include being required to subject yourself to any medical tests or academic tests such as the GRE to test before being awarded with an admission letter. The acceptance rate and the admission statistics prove that the university is not that huge in terms of the number of students that are enrolled to their programs. The institution admits slightly over 27,000 students in one academic year and with an acceptance rate of over 75%, you should have a better chance of being among those 75%.

The required documents for university of Tennessee application

Each program has different requirements based on the level of degree program it falls under. For instance the programs under the undergraduate degree programs will be required to submit transcripts proving that they have successfully completed their high school and prove that they have indeed obtained the stipulated minimum GPA score. These transcripts should be verified by the administrators of the high schools they were enrolled to. About the graduate applicants, they will be required to submit certificates proving that they have completed their first degree and must have attained an honor’s degree. So depending on the University of Tennessee nursing program you choose you will be required to attach different documents. Other documents that the graduate applicants will be required to submit recommendation letters as well as their resumes to prove that they have the working experience required whenever one is seeking to undertake a graduate program. Another document that one will be required to submit is the personal statement. If you have no idea on how to write don’t worry the tips will be made available below.

Secrets you can use when writing a personal statement

university of tennessee admission requirements

Image credit: britannica.com

Before you are able to access the university of Tennessee scholarship application, you will first need to be admitted to the university and before that happens, you will need to write a nursing personal statement. When writing such an important piece of writing to your career, you should make sure you are able to come up with the relevant points that the admission panel want addressed. Questions such as why you choose that particular program, why you chose this university and what you intend to do with the knowledge you will acquire should form the basis of your personal statement. The points should also be addressed in such a way that they possess some personal feelings capable of convincing the panel that you are actually giving the actual reasons that drove you to pursue the nursing career. You should also make your personal statement brief and error free by subjecting it to proofreading and editing services.

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Before you begin your University of Tennessee nursing program admission application process, always make sure you have all the relevant documents and most importantly make sure that you have a quality personal statement. With those requirements and a quality personal statement, you should find it easy being given an admission letter.