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University of Rochester Nursing Program

Become a professional nurse with the University of Rochester nursing program

Are you interested in joining an established university to pursue your nursing career? If the answer to this question is by any chance yes, you will need to take a look at the available University of Rochester nursing program. The university is among the highly ranked private universities and this makes it the perfect destination for anyone seeking to be a professional nurse. It offers both graduate and undergraduate programs such as BSN, MSN, Accelerated BSN, RN-BSN, DNP and PhD in nursing. The institution guarantees to provide their nursing students with the required resources to equip them with life changing skills.

General University of Rochester application requirements

The fact that it is among the leading private universities, you expect the university to have some tight mandatory requirements that everyone seeking to be admitted to it must meet. Whether you will be seeking a graduate, post graduate or an undergraduate program, you will need to meet the requirements the university stipulates as mandatory. The first requirement you will be required to meet is have scored a GPA score of not less than 2.75. You will also be required to have the relevant cluster grades for the units which are relevant for the particular University of Rochester nursing program you want to study. English is the only language used in the offering of these programs and the applicant will be required to undertake an English test if and only if they are not from a native English speaking country. The applicant should therefore be ready to take tests such as GRE and do them to perfection for them to proceed to the next stage in their admission application process. For you to stand a chance of being included in the 35% of the total applicants that will be applying for admission in the university, you will need to attach the documents mentioned below.

Learning how to get into University of Rochester

You will need to make sure you mark the application submission deadline day and then work to make sure you are able to submit your admission application before that deadline day. To achieve this, you will need to have a list of all the documents you will be required to attach and then make sure you have all those documents before the deadline. The documents you will need to have include transcripts to prove your academic qualifications, Resumes to let the admission panel know you more and even attach come recommendation letters in the case of graduate programs that require the applicant to have some experience in experience in their first degree. A personal statement is also compulsory and the information below will guide you on the steps to follow to come up with a comprehensive statement of purpose.

How to write a personal statement

how to get into university of rochester

Image credit: usnews.com

The first step is to come up with a list of the relevant points. To get a list of the points you should use, you should go back to the list of requirements every applicant must meet. You should then use these requirements in the form of the achievements you have. You should also note that it also helps to make your statement personal with some personal touch about the experiences that might have contributed to you choosing that particular program as what you want to do once you graduate from the program you seek to study. You should also make sure that your statement is brief; no admission panel member wants to read through a long nursing personal statement. The main factors you need to consider to pull off an impressive personal statement are to make sure the statement is original and unique.

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Without a quality personal statement your chances of making it into the 35% that will be accepted will be very minimal so make sure you prepare for your University of Rochester nursing program application by using the above tips to create a satisfactory personal statement.