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University of Minnesota Nursing Program

How to get enrolled a University of Minnesota nursing program

Just like many other universities, The University of Minnesota offers a wide variety of programs from different schools and colleges, which one can choose to study. With colleges of science and arts controlling the population of the students admitted to this university, it is very appropriate to conclude that the university has majored in the offering of education in these two disciplines. Our concern is however the University of Minnesota nursing program the university has to offer. Some of these nursing programs include BSN, RN-BSN, accelerated BSN, Master’s in Science nursing, doctor of nursing practice and PhD in nursing.

The general university of Minnesota admission requirements

There is absolutely no way someone studying an undergraduate program can be required to meet the same requirements as a person seeking a graduate program. The first requirement which you must meet in both of these program levels is that you must be fluent in English since the courses are offered in English. This requirement is however applicable to those who are from non-English native speakers who will be required to take an English test. The next requirement is to make sure that the applicant must meet all the minimum academic qualifications. For instance in the case of undergraduate programs, applicants will be required to have completed high school and must have attained a minimum GPA score of 2.75. Those seeking the graduate programs will be required to have completed their first undergraduate degree which is related to the program they seek to study. With an acceptance rate of 44.4% you will need to be very careful with your admission application so as you are able to make it into the 44.4% that will be awarded an admission letter.

The documents required for any admission application request

Whichever University of Minnesota nursing program you choose to apply for, you will need to only meet the above requirements but also provide the admission panel with some documents for you to stand a chance of being awarded an admission letter. The first documents will out rightly be the transcripts proving that you have actually me the stipulated minimum academic qualifications. The applicant might choose to attach the certificates proving this if at all he/she has them. The applicants in both levels will also be required to fill and submit their application form. Resumes and recommendation letters are other documents that the applicants for the graduate programs will be required to submit. In some instances the applicant will also be required to write an admission essay as well as write a personal statement and he/she will certainly need to know how to write one effectively for their admission application to be successful.

How to write a quality personal statement

university of minnesota nursing program

Image credit: usnews.com

The first step to ensuring you are able to write a comprehensive personal statement is to understand the format. The format is very useful since it helps you find out how to plan your points. To get the perfect format, you may choose to use the available templates or samples of already written statements which will guide you on how to generate a convincing nursing personal statement. The next step is to ensure you are able to get the relevant points you should address in your statement. You may borrow these points from the list of requirements the university has stipulated as mandatory. It is also important to mention some personal experiences that might have contributed to you choosing that particular program and this particular university.

Learn when to submit your UF nursing application!

By following the above steps when writing your personal statement, you should certainly stand a better chance of being admitted to the University of Minnesota nursing program of your choosing.