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University of Michigan Ann Arbor Nursing Program

The importance of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor nursing program

Located in the United States area of Michigan Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is a public Research university that was founded in 1817 in Detroit. The school is known to be one of the founding members of Association of American Universities and one of the first research universities in the United States. Having the capacity to house some of the highest and comprehensive research facilities, the University of Ann Arbor offers graduate programs ranging from doctoral degrees in medicine, law, pharmacy, dentistry and its renowned nursing programs. The University of Michigan Ann Arbor nursing program offered include BSN, MSN, RN-BSN, DNP and PhD in nursing.

The General University of Michigan Ann Arbor Requirements

The University of Ann Arbor has a no. of requirements that you as the student will have to fulfil before you are given a chance for admission. If for instance one is seeking admission as a graduate in nursing, then it is mandatory for them to provide certification or proof that they have already cleared with their undergraduate studies so as to be considered or rendered eligible to apply. On the other hand, those from high school wishing to apply should have a minimum of 2.75 in their GPA or its equivalence. With an acceptance rate of 48% one should ensure that they meet these requirements if they are passionate about getting an admission letter to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor nursing program.

The documents needed for university of Michigan Ann Arbor admission

When applying for a vacancy or a position in to any institution, there are forms that the applicant is given to fill so as to get to be known or to provide more information about themselves. These are referred to as application forms which consist of blank spaces in form of questionnaires that the applicant must fill. They are handed out after the applicant has the required GPA and certification to show that they are eligible to pursue the course that they are applying for. Another document that the applicants are expected to provide is recommendation letters written by another entity. This document introduces as well as provides more insight about the applicant by the person writing it plus verifying that the applicant is who he/she claims to be.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor admission Personal Statement

university of michigan ann arbor nursing

Image credit: annarbor.com

As an applicant, one will be required to equip themselves with the necessary writing skills so as to be as conversant as possible and to ensure that they convey their desired message as eloquently and fluently as possible. In order to have a comprehensive nursing personal statement, it is advisable for one to have an idea of the format inform of templates which can be obtained from the internet. This will lead the student in the correct process and method to follow. The applicant should avoid grammatical errors as well as mistakes that could render him not admitted. Moreover, it is advisable to get help from a third party so as to minimize chances of occurrence of errors. The third party will come in handy especially when proof reading the personal statement and also guiding on the proper formal language that should be adopted when writing.

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In case you experience some difficulties in writing a quality personal statement, you might try consulting a professional writer who will make sure your personal statement is written as required and consequently increase your chances of getting admitted to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor nursing program.