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University of Illinois Nursing Program

The process of applying for a University of Illinois nursing program

Just like its name suggests, this university is located in the state of Illinois. It offers various programs such as education, architecture disciplines, business programs, but the courses which take up the most schools and colleges are related to the medicine field which makes it a perfect destination for anyone seeking to apply for a University of Illinois nursing program. So its specialization discipline can be classified to be under the health discipline. Some of the nursing programs which one can apply in this university under the nursing college include RN to BSN degree, BSN degree as well as their respective master’s and PhD programs. You should therefore feel free to study a nursing program of your choosing at this university without really having to worry about the application process since it will be provided below in white and black.

University of Illinois application requirements

Those seeking to apply for a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing will be required to have a minimum GPA of 2.75 for those applying with cumulative transfer whole those applying with natural science grades will be required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5. The admission to this university will also be subject to the completion of the nursing course work. The applicant will also be required to meet the specific cluster grades for the necessary science units that are compulsory for one to pursue these programs. The university’s acceptance rate is quite high being over 80% of about the 500 students that apply for admission every time there is an intake.

The university of Illinois admissions requirements in form of documents

Although you will be required to first meet the above requirements, you will at the same time be required to submit an admission application and attach the necessary documents that will be stipulated by the institution as mandatory. One of the documents you will be required to submit to the admission board is the admission application form which you can either download or retrieve it directly from the university offices as they also help you learn more about their admission process. The next document will be a certificate to proof that you actually scored the GPA score you claim to have achieved. In case of a postgraduate degree application, you will be required to submit a certificate confirming that you have actually being honored with a bachelor’s degree since you must possess one if you are to apply for a postgraduate program. Another document which you might be required to submit is a letter of recommendation either from your professional filed in cases when you will be applying for a postgraduate program and a recommendation letter in case it’s the first degree you are applying admission to.

Ensuring you pass the university’s selection criteria

university of illinois application

Image credit: http://web.mst.edu/

The university of Illinois Chicago admissions criteria demands that the successful applicants be chosen based on merit as well as on the type of nursing personal statement submitted to them by those applicants. For his reason, you should make sure that you always come up with a comprehensive statement of purpose capable of convincing the admission panel that you are worthy of the admission opportunity you are seeking. Some of the steps you might choose to follow include making sure that you fully understand the format you are required to follow. After the format, the next item on your agenda should be how to derive the main points for your statement. To get a better picture of the type of points you can use, it is important to use the available templates or even the already written statements which can act as your blueprint in deriving the perfect points for your statement of purpose.

The above information should simplify the process you have to follow whenever you are looking for a University of Illinois nursing program which you can pursue and for this reason, you need to make sure you follow the above steps and you fill find yourself being enrolled for your desired program.