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The University of IOWA Nursing Program

Beginning your career with the University of IOWA nursing program

With a population of over 14,000 students both in the undergraduate and graduate programs, it has joined in the list of the successful colleges which one can choose to pursue their post high school and post graduate studies. Although it offers a lot of programs, this post only gives its focus to the nursing programs. Some of the nursing programs you can take up in this university include exercise and health science, nursing accelerated nursing traditional and RN to BSN in the undergraduate degree programs. The graduate programs include master programs of the same bachelor programs, DNP programs and PhD in nursing. The school also offers professional nursing programs. So you should not experience a hard time choosing the perfect University of IOWA nursing program to apply for.

University of IOWA application requirements

It is of course a known fact that the graduate programs demand more requirements as compared to the undergraduate programs. The undergraduate programs will require the applicant to have a minimum GPA score of 2.75 and to provide verification of the grades he scored in the high school examination. In the graduate applications the applicant will be required to have to only have achieved their bachelor’s degree but also take up some tests such as the GRE. It is however important to note that one can retake the test and needs to optimize those scores to increase their chances of getting admitted judging by the significant number of applications that the institution receives every time there is an intake. With an acceptance rate of over 40% you can imagine the competition one will be subjected to before they are actually offered an admission letter. So you should be very careful in the University of IOWA nursing program you choose to ensure you minimize the competition.

Documents that form part of the University of IOWA admission requirements

It is every admission application requirement that the applicant must fill a certain application form which is usually set by the admission board. This is usually an easy process since the form only demands that the applicant fills the form using his actual personal information and this is nothing technical. From there you might be required to write an application essay where the admission panel might give you a random topic to work on and you should make sure you do justice to the essay. In some cases you will be required to attach recommendation letters, and they should be thorough where they address the issues the admission panel want cleared for instance from the professors of the university which awarded you with undergraduate’s degree you claim to possess if you are applying for the graduate degree nursing program.

Increasing your admission chances with the help of a personal statement

university of iowa application

Image credit: www.huffingtonpost.com

Judging from the admission statistics you will notice that the competition for a place in the university is very high and you will need to be at your best to get an admission letter. One such way of making sure you achieve this is to ensure you are able to write a high quality nursing personal statement. The statement in the first should be based on the set requirements where you use those requirements to get the relevant points and include them in the statement as achievements rather than as requirements. The statement also needs to be brief but at the same time capture all the necessary points that can increase your admission rates. Just in case you find yourself experiencing problems coming up with the most appropriate content, you can refer to the personal statement templates and samples that might have been written by successful applicants. You should also try to put some personal touch to your statement in your quest of convincing the admission panel.

With the information above, you no longer have to worry about the University of IOWA nursing program admission process since this is what you should expect from any nursing program you choose to pursue.