The Best Nursing Schools

If you are looking to achieve academic excellence by enrolling to quality nursing schools, you should be able to look through which best nursing schools can deliver your needs. Whether you are in need for masters in nursing degree, clinical nurse or perform wide range of health services, applying to top nursing schools will help not only your academic career but also your professional life.  Here is a list of top 5 accredited nursing schools that can provide you the diversity, excellence and high quality education that you need.

  • Johns Hopkins University – Johns Hopkins University is one of the premium nursing schools of more than 600. It is located at Baltimore, Maryland and this offers world Class University offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Go directly to their website to find out more about their graduate nursing degree, loans, financial aid, application requirements, etc.
  • University of Pennsylvania- University of Pennsylvania offers more than just diversity, top quality and competitive education but it strives to bring you the prime excellence as to be the best nursing schools in the US. Learn more about University of Pennsylvania, how to apply and what makes them one of top nursing schools.
  • University of Washington – University of Washington is one of the premium nursing schools that ranked top out of 600 surveyed in terms of excellence, quality and proficiency. From faculty, buildings to their curriculum, University of Washington is truly top class university that offers one of the best nursing schools.
  • University of California – San Francisco – The distinction with University of California – San Francisco is their ability to adapt to the changes of the demand but never compromises the quality of the education they are providing its students. When looking for prime nursing schools, University of California – San Francisco truly tops in terms of research, community interaction, diversity, patient care and initiative.
  • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill is one of the best accredited nursing schools that produce leaders thanks to their adherence to excellence in education since 1795. Aside from its top notch nursing programs, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill also takes pride in their academic opportunities, diversity and unmatched quality of education.