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Personal Statement for Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner has a broad range of jobs and responsibilities. Oftentimes, their line of work overlaps with doctors and other professionals in the healthcare field. The decision to achieve higher studies and pursue advanced training as a nurse practitioner is a popular option for many registered nurses.

Qualifying with a personal statement

The application for admission for institutions offering courses for being a nurse practitioner starts with writing your personal statement. This is a brief introduction of yourself which serves to convince the admitting body of your sincerity and capability to join the program.

The personal statement for nurse practitioners can be written in a number of ways. This depends, of course, on several factors. It should effectively reflect your personality at the same time impress the committee enough to consider your application.

Writing personal statement for nurse practitioner

Some statements require you to answer a simple question like why did you choose to be a nurse practitioner or why did you choose their institution to apply to. The admitting bodies hate clichés. Don’t try to answer using common phrases such as “I want to be a nurse practitioner to expand my nursing skills.” Try to be specific. You can mention an experience you may have had or a recent life event which may have inspired you to take this path.

While it is quite tempting to try to use uncommon and deep words to highlight the broadness of your vocabulary, chances are your statement may sound like a literary piece rather than a professional one. Stick to simple phrases. You are writing a personal statement, not a novel. Avoid the excessive use of adjectives and metaphors. They might sound confusing and it might seem like you’re trying too hard. Keep the professional tone and try to sound natural.

Personal statement for nurse practitioner school

In writing your nursing personal statement to be admitted to a nurse practitioner or advanced registered nurse practitioner school, it is necessary to tailor fit your essay to the slot you’re applying for. This means that your composition should be more inclined to healthcare and nursing.

If you are to include recollections of past experiences, make sure that these are related to the practice of being a nurse practitioner. While a climb to the top of a mountain and meditating there may have helped you arrive at your decision, it may not sound appealing, not even remotely interesting to the committee. What you may want to mention is an encounter with a patient or a certain experience you’ve had during a medical mission.

Keep it simple and straightforward. Write, rewrite then write again, until you feel confident about what you have written and you yourself are convinced that you are qualified to be admitted. Be honest and true to your writing. Start early. Be ready.