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Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathy now known as Osteopathic medicine has started in the late 1800’s. This medical practice is distinctly found in the United States although it has started to spread in other countries especially in Canada. While a doctor of Medicine is referred to as MD, a doctor of osteopathic medicine is referred as DO. A DO is a licensed and fully trained doctor who can do surgery. Diagnose and evaluate disease using medical technology and prescribed drugs. They can do what a doctor of Medicine does and they can perform osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Training for osteopathic doctors is the same with the traditional medical school.  Doctor of Osteopathic must also complete their residency training as well as pass a licensing examination before they are full pledge doctors. They now can start treating people and prescribe medications to patients. To be qualified with the osteopathic program is not an easy task. You have to understand fully the uniquely DO philosophy.

How Do You Qualify in the Osteopathic Program?

Having high average scores in MCAT is not an assurance that you get accepted. Other students might think that having high undergraduate marks or grade will qualify you to osteopathic program. This might help, but it is not all there is in the process of choosing who will be accepted. What gives you the advantage over other applicants is your osteopathic personal statement. Make sure to make the perfect osteopathic medicine personal statement so you can convince the committee that you are worth as a candidate of osteopathic medicine.

How Do You Write the Perfect Osteopathic Medicine Personal Statement?

Writing your osteopathic personal statement may not be as easy as you think. You might be confused on how to start so better take the time to the do research regarding Osteopathic personal statement writing help. There are a lot of guidelines online on how to create one. Another thing is you read osteopathic personal statement examples so you have an idea on how to construct one.

Before starting on your task of writing your personal statement, make sure that you know all about Osteopathic medicine and its philosophy. Understand the importance of personal statement in getting accepted in the Osteopathic program. Evaluate the reasons why you want osteopathic medicine. You do not want to be in a profession for the wrong reasons.

When making your personal statement, make sure to convey to the committee or the audience why you want to be one and why you pursue it.  Explain in details your reasons and as much as possible relate it to your life’s experience. Capturing audience attention is a must and as much as possible let them relate to what you said.

Being a doctor of Osteopathic medicine is not an easy one so make sure that you want to do it not because your family wants you to be one.  Learn from all Osteopathic personal statement writing help that you can find and read all osteopathic personal statement examples for your reference. In the end, it is still your words and your commitment that will make an appeal to the committee members who will evaluate your personal statement.