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Ohio State University Nursing Program

Choosing the most appropriate Ohio state university nursing program

Just like its name suggests, this university is located in Columbus in the state of Ohio. It is a public research university which puts its emphasis more on the arts and science disciplines. Its specialty therefore falls in these two disciplines. Our focus will however be the science disciplines where we will look at the various nursing programs this institution has to offer those seeking to pursue a career in the nursing profession. Some of the nursing programs one can choose to pursue include a bachelor’s degree in science in nursing, a master’s of the same, doctor of nursing practice and certainly a PhD in nursing. So whether you need an undergraduate or graduate Ohio state university nursing program, you will surely find your perfect match in this university.

The Ohio state university admission requirements one must meet

The requirements totally depend on the level of degree program one wants to pursue. Those seeking undergraduate programs will have meet requirements that are relatively lower as compared to their graduate counterparts. For instance the undergraduate degree applicants will be required to have completed high school and must have obtained a minimum GPA score of 2.75. Although this is the minimum, the applicant might have missed out on that but have an equivalent qualification. For the accurate equivalent of this requirement one can contact the institution admission office to get the actual information. The reason you need to be careful with how you make your admission application is because the university experiences more than 50,000 admission applications in one year and this proves that there will be many applicants for any of the available Ohio state university nursing program. With an acceptance rate of 55.5% you should make sure you meet all the requirements to increase your chances of being awarded an admission letter.

The documents needed for any Ohio state university application

Apart from meeting those requirements, you will certainly be required to submit some certain documents as the admission process continues. Without the submission of these documents your application will simply be rendered null and avoid and you will not even get the chance to be shortlisted. The first documents you need to submit are the various transcripts proving that you have indeed met the stipulated academic qualifications. You may substitute these documents with the course completion certificates. The next important document you need to attach to your application is the resume. The resume is very important since it offers the admission panel with an opportunity to understand you more and consequently increase your chances of being admitted only if the resume is appealing enough. You may also be required to attach some recommendation letters just to support the claims you make about how proficient you are in your field of expertise.

Submitting a high quality personal statement

ohio state university admission requirements

Image credit: usnews.com

Apart from meeting the stipulated Ohio state university admission requirements GPA, you are also required to submit a personal statement. The nursing  personal statement should be comprehensively written with capabilities of convincing the admission panel that you are fully qualified and worthy of an admission to their nursing programs. You can use steps such as making sure that you are able to incorporate some personal inspiring stories about why you choose that particular nursing program and why you choose to pursue it from the Ohio University. These are some of the factors that might contribute to your statement being of high quality. You should also make sure that you keep your statement as original as possible and at the same time keeping it brief mentioning only the necessary points.

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Make sure you do not apply for any Ohio state university nursing program without first learning how to write a perfect personal statement and the information above should help you achieve this.