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New York University Nursing Program

The procedure to follow when choosing a New York university nursing program

New York is one of the most visited cities and a University in this city will no doubt translate into many people wanting to pursue their higher education goals in it. Being an institution which is viewed by many as a perfect destination for your post high school studies, it has lived up to its expectations offering numerous courses which students can choose from. Our concern is however not on the total number of courses that the university offers but on the New York University nursing program it makes available to students seeking nursing education. Some of the important nursing programs that are worth noting offered by this university include Bachelor of Science in nursing, Master of Science in nursing, doctor of nursing practice and a PhD in nursing.

The general New York university admission requirements

The graduate and undergraduate programs demand different requirements and it is important to note the different requirements so as to know what requirements one will be required to fulfill when applying for the particular program. So the undergraduate programs will require the applicants to have attained a minimum GPA of 2.75 to be able to even pass the first admission application process. Some of the general requirements will require the applicant to provide the institution with their personal information through the application form so that their database can be created that is if they are successful in their admission application process. The graduate applicants will on the other hand be required to have successfully completed an undergraduate program that is related to the particular graduate program they want to pursue. The university experiences large numbers of applicants and that is probably why the acceptance rate is 34%. With such an acceptance rate, the admission application for any New York University nursing program should be written to perfection and submitted in a timely fashion.

The required documents for any New York university nursing program

Transcripts that prove that you have completed high school and an undergraduate program for the undergraduate level and the graduate level respectively will be required to confirm you have indeed met all the qualifications. In the absence of these documents yet you have achieved those certifications, you will need to attach recommendation letters which will help in assuring the admission panel that you have actually achieved those qualifications. The applicants for the graduate programs will also be required to attach their resumes. Both applicants will also be required to write an admission essay on a random topic and therefore the applicants need to make sure that they are ready for such tests.

More New York university application requirements you must meet

new york university admission requirement

Image credit: crainsnewyork.com

There is no doubt that the above documents will play a very big role in determining whether or not you get admitted to the institution and pursue your program, but there are other factors that also play a big role and the personal statement is one of them. You therefore need to make sure you are able to write a perfect nursing personal statement. To arrive at a quality personal statement, you will be required to figure out the perfect points you can use in your statement. If you have no idea what the perfect points are, you can use the checklist for the requirements as your blueprint where you may choose to mention all the requirements as achievements you have accomplished with each point being as brief and to the point as possible. Proofreading through your statement is as important as writing the content itself and therefore the applicant needs to subject the paper to through editing for the statement to be perfect and free of any errors.

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Now you have all the information about the admission application process of any New York University nursing program and you need to make sure you use the above information to your advantage to be able to increase your chances of being awarded with an admission letter.