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How to Write a Perfect BSN Personal Statement

Why Is Your BSN Personal Statement so Important?

When you apply to study for a Bachelor of science in nursing you are going to need to provide an application that makes you stand out from your competitors. Places are limited and it is tough to actually get into your chosen program unless you are seen as an outstanding applicant with an impressive nursing personal statement. The panel making the decisions, however, is not only going to base their decisions just on your grades, but they will also want to know far more about you as a person which is where your nursing personal statement comes into play. Writing nurse essay is your opportunity to impress the panel and if written well it will often sway any decisions in your favor.

bsn personal statement examples

What to Cover in Your Personal Statement for BSN Applications

There are very specific things that the panel will want to know about you and you will need to ensure that you cover them in your writing if you are going to get noticed, here are the topics that you will need to cover in your BSN personal statement:

  • Explain why you want to study nursing; explain when and why you became interested.
  • Explain where you see your career taking you in the future; do you plan additional education after your BSN?
  • Show that you have the skills that the nursing program requires.
  • Give any specific reasons you have for wanting to attend their program; the more specific you can be the more likely they are to treat your application favorably.

bsn personal statement

BSN Personal Statement Samples

When writing a personal statement for Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you will be required to answer 2 questions. Check our nursing personal statement examples below to have a better idea of what will be expected from the applicants:

bsn personal statement sample  bsn personal statement format

How You Should Write Your Nurse Personal Statement for BSN Degree

Not only do you need to write a statement that is going to communicate everything that the panel are looking for; you also have to write it in a way that is attention-grabbing and free of errors and distractions. The following tips for writing a personal statement will help you:

  • Always open with an interesting hook that grabs the attention of the reader; usually this will be an interesting and relevant anecdote
  • Your personal statement for nursing should flow like a story so that you maintain interest throughout
  • Avoid using any form of clichés; the last thing that they want to read is that you “want to help people”
  • Don’t include slang, acronyms or fancy words; they have to be able to understand what you have written
  • Never use any form of humor it is not appropriate in any personal statement
  • Never repeat anything that is elsewhere in your application or make statements that are obvious
  • Ensure that you write about yourself and your future goals
  • Don’t exceed your word count and always ensure that you write in a very concise manner
  • Do not include anything that is not completely relevant to your application
  • Proofread what you have written very carefully to avoid submitting a statement with any errors

professional nursing personal statementWe Can Help with Application Documents

If you don’t have the time or you are not sure what you should be writing then our professional writing services can help with your personal statement. All of our writers are higher degree qualified in a relevant nursing field and have many years of experience in helping applicants such as yourself. Through us you will receive a personal statement for nursing degree application that is completely unique and written without errors.

So if you need reliable help that always delivers on time just contact our experts for writing your BSN personal statement to perfection!