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Get Accepted to the Accelerated Nursing Program!

There is no denying that nursing is the most popular career choice in the field of health care for the past decade.  Experts estimate that there will be a shortage of nurses by hundreds of thousands after 8 or 10 years from now. That projected shortage is just only for the US. Majority of developed countries are also facing the same grim future in terms of nursing services. Now is the best time for young people to consider a career in nursing. What better way to be one step closer to a secure, geographically mobile and satisfying job than joining an accelerated nursing program?

What is the Accelerated Nursing Program?

It is an accelerated bachelor of science in nursing program with 15-month duration. It prepares the students for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses or the NCLEX. Do not let the short duration of the program make you think that students will just receive run-of-the-mill nursing training. The program aims to produce accelerated bachelors in nursing that are knowledgeable, skillful and caring.

Accelerated Bachelors in Nursing that Care

The art of nursing is not just all about diseases and cures. Our accelerated nursing program integrates the holistic approach on all nursing procedures to make sure that “healing” hands are always in use. The emotional and psychological effect of illnesses are always considered so that once the patient is well, he or she is well not only physically but also holistically. This approach benefits not the patients but also their families and communities.

Preparing to Be a Nurse

Being a nurse is not easy but very rewarding if you have the right mindset. You will be asked to write a nursing personal statement. Before getting in to the program, ask yourself these questions. What events led you to choose nursing as a career at this stage of your life? Why are you choosing to pursue this degree at NYU? The 15-month course requires students to not only look at the financial gains of the career but also at the satisfaction of truly nursing people holistically until they are well.

Nurses play a large part in the field of healthcare. The demand for nurses just keeps on increasing every year. Are you up for the challenge of being a part of the biggest healthcare workforce? Do you have what it takes to be one of the most competent and globally competitive healthcare providers? Then apply and join our accelerated nursing program!