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Famous Nurses Infographic – What We Learn About Nursing From the TV

International Nurses Day is celebrated annually on May 12th, to note the contributions of nurses to the development of our society.

Take a look at our Famous Nurses Infographic – What We Learn About Nursing From the TV, when we celebrate the Nursing Week May 6-12 2015 remembering the world- famous nurses.

famous nurses infographic what we learn about nursing from the tv

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Celebrate International Nurses Day With Famous Nurses from TV

Let’s be honest- most of the things we know about famous nurses comes from the screen, whether its from famous movies or TV series. All the pictures, that form in your mind  with the words – Scary Nurses, Sexy Nurses, Famous Nurses, probably were planted there by Hollywood creations.

Famous TV Scary Nurses

When you think about nurses, especially in a mental hospital, does an image of a nurse, who abuses her patients, come to your mind? Well, you have some movies and TV series to thank for such a personalization. Nurse Diesel, Nurse Ratched, Laura Harriman, Annie Wilkes- are all examples of scary, evil nurses, that lurk on the edges of our imagination. For some scary nurse action be sure to check out movie “Misery”, The Nurse (1997), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, High Anxiety (1977).

 Famous TV Sexy Nurses

Kate Beckinsale, Sally Kellerman, Madeleine West, Shell Kepler, Shell Kepler, Margaret Sullavan, Majel Barrett are all famous, beautiful actresses partially responsible for this “sexy nurse” image that we create in our heads. These women prove, that nursing is not only about mercy and talent, and caring nature, but sometimes, about healing the patients just with their beautiful looks. People say, that beauty will save the world, right?

Famous Real-Life Nurses, Featured in Our Famous Nurses Infographic

We are forever indebted to Florence Nightingale, Juanita Redmond HippsHazel W. Johnson-Brown, Elizabeth Grace Neill, Walt Whitman, Eunice Verdell Rivers Laurie and others, for their work and efforts, that helped transform nursing into a whole new industry in the last 150 years. Watching some of the movies, portraying life 100 years ago, and looking at the levels of sanitation and medical care, I think- Boy, am I glad, that I am not living in the Dark Ages.

Hope you enjoyed Famous Nurses Infographic, dedicated to the Nursing Week celebration

And I am very thankful to real-life nurses, shown in our Famous Nurses Infographic, especially to Florence Nightingale, on whose birthday we celebrate the Annual Nursing Day.

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