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Duke University Nursing Application

Specialty Overview

Duke University prides in being one of the best in terms of nursing programs as they continuously produce top notch students. Their specialties are Nurse Practitioner: Adult, Nurse Practitioner: Family, Nurse Practitioner: Gerontological / Geriatric and Nurse Practitioner: Pediatric.

Duke Nursing Personal Statement

In your application to Duke University School of Nursing, one of the main factors is the quality of your nursing personal statement. This essay is the best tool that will enable you to maximize your chances of admission. Here are several helpful tips in writing a winning personal statement for Duke University Nursing.

Requirements for application

  • Research ahead of time in terms of guidelines required by the school; on some cases, instead of writing a free topic personal statement, you will be required to answer prompts. Follow carefully every instruction provided.
  • Draft your initial nursing personal statement ahead of time; as you are nearing the deadline, you can revise and finalize it accordingly.
  • Consider carefully the content of your personal statement as this will play a major role in your application to Duke University Nursing. Select experiences, events and skills that will enable you to highlight your personality within the context of community, school and family.
  • Proofread your personal statement thoroughly; your and you’re are two different things and relying only on word processors could potential overlook crucial errors in your essay.
  • Do not hesitate to seek help whether from friends, relatives and even writing services online as they can provide you the academic help you will need to ensure your admission to Duke University Nursing.

University Overview

Duke University

image credit: usnews.com

The Duke University is one of the most popular options by many students as they can guarantee quality education. In fact, Duke University prides itself in having the oldest and largest academic organization in Medicine and it is not surprising that they have been constantly developing better solutions in the medical field.