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Catholic University of America Nursing Program

The Catholic University of America Nursing Program you might consider

Run by the Catholic Church, the Catholic University of America is located in the capital, Washington DC. Because of its private stature, it has been able to provide its students with the best of post high school education. It offers undergraduate programs, graduate program, certificate programs as well as professional programs. The available nursing programs include BSN, RN-BSN and accelerated BSN that are offered in the undergraduate level. MSN, Doctor of nursing practice and PhD in nursing are the programs the university offers in the graduate level. With this information, you can now choose a perfect Catholic University of America Nursing Program which can meet your academic needs.

The requirements for any Catholic University of America application

There is no way you will be able to be admitted to this university without first making an application. For your admission application to be complete, you must meet certain requirements. Those seeking to be enrolled for the undergraduate programs will be required to meet the minimum academic requirement of scoring a GPA of 2.75. The graduate program applicants will also need to meet their stipulated minimum academic qualification which is to have completed an undergraduate program which is related to the program they want to pursue. You need to make sure you have met the stipulated minimum academic qualifications before you even think of making it into the list of the 60% of the total applicants since that is the university’s acceptance rate. You should only choose to study a Catholic University of America Nursing Program which you are most comfortable in.

Catholic University of America requirements in form of documents

Saying that you have completed high school where you scored a score of not less than 2.75 is not enough. You will need to show proof of this and the only way to clear any doubts of you having met those minimum qualifications is to submit the supporting documents. Documents such as transcripts of the scores you got while in high school must be attached. The graduate programs applicants will need to the certificates that confirm they have actually completed an undergraduate program that is related to the program they want to pursue. They will also be required to attach their resume as well as recommendation letters. The admission essay and the nursing personal statement will also be requirements they must meet if they are to stand a chance of being among the 60% that get admitted to further their career goals.

How to write a perfect personal statement

catholic university of america application

Image credit: usnews.com

Since there is no way you are going to evade this exercise of writing and submitting a personal statement, the only way to ensure you do it well is to follow the tips below. First and foremost, you will need to make sure you have the writing format with you. Without the correct format, you will experience a lot of difficulties in writing a complete personal statement capable of impressing the admission panel. The next point is to make sure you get the correct points for your statement. You should address points such as why you choose that particular nursing program and also state your reasons of choosing to study that program in his university. You may also use the stated requirements as your guidelines to mentioning exactly what the admission panel wants to hear. With these tips you should experience an easier time writing a comprehensive personal statement and consequently ensure you beat the set Catholic University of America application deadline.

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Make sure you choose the Catholic University of America Nursing Program which you are most comfortable in and always go an extra mile of writing a quality unique personal statement if you are to increase your chances of being admitted to this university.