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Best Quotes to Use in Your Personal Statement on Nursing

About Quotation Usage While Writing Personal Statement on Nursing

Most people while writing use quotations. Many consider usage of quotations as a better way of expression of thought, where as many consider it as a method of improving the quality of writing. No matter what it is, quotes are used even in personal statement writing in nursing. But there is a way of using quotes in writing. Quotations cannot be placed any and everywhere. It has to make sense and be place in the right way otherwise it can spoil a written piece instead of improving it.

A List of the Best Quotes for Your Nursing Personal Statement

Personal statement of nursing is definitely wise to add with suitable quotes. Nowadays, people are misusing or using it overly quotes in their statement, which is not a best practice. Also, usage of irrelevant quotes can keep your profile at stake too. It is always wise to use some relevant quotes for nursing personal statement. We are listed below some sample quotes those are more appropriate for your personal statement nursing in many ways:

  1. “Our knowledge of what we do every day is very limited; based on tradition, not science” by Richard Hader.
  2. “Entrepreneurs are dreamers who do” by Kathy Russel Babin.
  3. “Prioritization is a fact of life in clinical practice” by Sean Clarke.
  4. “We teach people how to treat us” by Sharon Cox.
  5. “Shift from busy to productive” by Sharon Cox.
  6. “Don’t forget the patient in the shared decision making model” by Richard Hader.
  7. “As a patient, if a provider comes in with an unkempt appearance, do you want that persona to touch you?” by Richard Hader.
  8. “People can change when they are fighting for a cause bigger than themselves” by John O’Leary.
  9. “When you know your ‘why’ you can endure any how” by Victor Franco.
  10. “One person always makes a difference” by John O’Leary.

Tips of Using Quotations in Writing a Nursing Personal Statement

Here are some of the pointers to help you regarding quotation usage while writing a personal statement:

  • Quotations should be very carefully used. A misplaced quotation can make the entire personal statement seem out of place and disorganized. To avoid such terrible errors. Make sure you are well aware of the meaning of the quotes used.
  • One of the most serious issues that most students tend to commit in their personal statement is repetition. For instance- If one writes, “I believe that with hard work I can…” over and over again in the personal statement then the term becomes meaningless. Reading the written statement thoroughly before submission can eliminate such errors. Specially making a friend or senior read your writing can help you learn your mistakes better.
  • You sure need to mention your accomplishments in your statement yet it is for the best to strive deep. Do tough the depth in your statement rather than breadth. This you can achieve with the right selection of quality quotes suitable to your statement.
  • Always keep in mind not to use too many quotes in your personal statement. Use quotations only where it is necessary.

Personal Statement of Nursing: Expert Help with Quotes

Our service has the facility to offer you expert help regarding quotation usage in the personal statement for nursing. If required you can also avail professionals to help you write the statement entirely from scratch for you. But we assure you that the style of writing will be exactly the way you want it to be. The cost of the service is very less compared to other similar services. We maintain total confidentiality of your details provided. Your work will be done in no time. “Give it a try.”

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