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Arizona State University Nursing Program

Getting to know the available Arizona state university nursing program

Located in the metropolitan area of Arizona, the university surely offers its students with easy access to the specific programs they wish to pursue at either the graduate or undergraduate level. With over ten schools and colleges the university offers a wide variety of programs that one can apply to and pursue. Although this is the case, the university has continuously continued to excel I the type of education it offers under its nursing college making it a perfect destination for anyone seeking to pursue a career in nursing. Under the undergraduate degree program, one can seek admission to traditional clinical nursing degree, RN-BSN program and the actual BSN. On the graduate level students have the option of choosing Master of Science in nursing, Master of Science in clinical research management, master of nursing in healthcare innovation, doctor in nursing practice and PhD in nursing. It therefore seems that the university has concentrated more on offering more graduate programs as compared to the undergraduate programs. So any of the Arizona state university nursing program above and become a professional nurse.

The general Arizona state university admission requirements

There is no way two different applying for different programs with one applying for an undergraduate program and the other for a graduate program will have the same requirements. The undergraduate requirements are less than those required for the graduate level. The first requirement is to make sure that you meet the se academic qualifications. With the undergraduate programs, the applicant will be required to have attained a GPA score of at least 2.75 in their final year of high school. The graduate applicants on the other hand will be required to submit prove of having completed a bachelor’s degree in a field that is related to the specific nursing program they want to pursue. Although these are the mandatory requirements, the applicants might find themselves being requested to provide the admission with their personal information which they can fill in the application forms. Admitting over 70,000 students every year and with an acceptance rate of over 80%, you will probably experience an easier time applying for the Arizona state university nursing program you choose.

The documents you need

For you to stand a chance of beating the set Arizona state university application deadline, you need to make sure that you have all the documents you need with you since a last minute rush of getting these documents might translate to you failing to meet the tight deadlines. You will therefore be required to create a checklist of all the required documents and hey include the certificates and transcripts proving that you have actually met the stipulated academic qualifications. It will totally depend on the documents you have, if you have the certificates, the better if not, you should submit the transcripts. You will also be required to write an admission essay on a random topic which will be given to you by the admission panel. Other documents you might be required to attach are recommendation letters and resume.

Ensuring you get admitted to an Arizona state university nursing program

arizona state university admission requirements

Image credit: http://cdn.stateuniversity.com/

You will most definitely need to write a nursing personal statement and submit it as you present your admission application. You therefore need to have the best tips which you can follow to ensure you are able to pull out a quality statement which can impress the admission board. The first step you can follow is to always ensure that you are aware of the relevant points that need to be mentioned in the statement. You can derive these points from the list of requirements that the university lists as mandatory. You should make sure that you keep your statement brief y only mentioning the required points. Adding personal experiences that might have led you to choose that particular program also adds the quality and persuasion levels of your statement.

Never should you apply for a Arizona state university nursing program without first having an idea of all the requirements and understanding how to write a top notch personal statement since these are the factors which will determine whether you get admitted to the university or not.